Burma Among World's Worst in Landmine Victims

The Irrawaddy News Magazine - November 25, 2015
RANGOON — The Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor has revealed that over 400 civilians had been killed and another 3,700 injured by landmines...

Landmines slow key advance by Yemen loyalists

Yahoo News - November 22, 2015
Aden (AFP) - Pro-government forces in Yemen pressed their advance Sunday to recapture the southwestern province of Taez but were slowed by landmines...

Landmine toll climbs as slow steps are made on de-mining

Myanmar Times - November 24, 2015
Deaths and injuries caused by landmines continue to rise in Myanmar, one of the world's most heavily mined countries, according to an annual...

Yemen: New Houthi Landmine Use

Human Rights Watch - November 18, 2015
(Beirut, November 17, 2015) – Houthi forces in Yemen are using banned antipersonnel landmines, causing multiple new civilian casualties, Human...

Landmine Free Artsakh Clears Another Town of Landmines

Asbarez Armenian News - November 17, 2015
Landmine Free Artsakh is proud to announce that another village was successfully cleared from landmines in Artsakh in August, 2015. Recent donations...

Students rally to eradicate landmines

Westfair Online - November 18, 2015
Students at the Beacon School in Stamford recently learned about land mines from Col. Perry Baltimore of the Virginia-based Marshall Legacy...

Lens | A Legacy of Land Mines in Colombia

New York Times (blog) - October 28, 2015
The land mines that dot Colombia's mountainsides do far more damage. One wrong move and a leg is gone. Or an arm. Or an eye. No one knows when or...

Terror bid foiled, landmines found, defused in Kohlu

Pakistan Today - November 22, 2015
Security personnel foiled a terror bid as they recovered two landmines which were later defused by bomb disposal squad (BDS) on Sunday. Levies...

Houthi landmines killing Yemen civilians: HRW

Middle East Eye - November 18, 2015
Landmines planted by Yemeni Houthi militiamen in an effort to halt the advance of pro-government forces are exacting a mounting toll on civilians,...

Daniel Craig: we must not live and let die in the face of global landmine threat

The Guardian - October 28, 2015
You and I are fortunate that we do not have to worry about landmines when our loved ones walk down a street. I could not comprehend the restriction...

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Geomine’s revolutionary technology has been invented to radically reduce landmine contamination around the world

The tremendous advantage of this unique technology is the fact that the invented algorithm analyses massive amounts of data and identifies the areas which are CLEAR of mines. Geomine’s method allows for a quick and highly effective means of ELIMINATING THE CLEAR OF MINES AREA


According to international surveys approximately 80% of all land suspected as mined is in fact clear

Nitrogen is a core component in every explosive material. Eventually, the molecule leaks from the explosive and is then absorbed into the surrounding ground and vegetation. This process causes nitrogen contamination of the ground and vegetation, not visible to the human eye. However, the use of a Hyperspectral camera allows us to identify the areas where land mines are present and which areas are completely free


Geomine’s technology can either confirm the presence of mines or their absence, thereby serving to release land which does not need to be cleared in the first place

Geomine’s solution allows not only pinpointing of the areas where the ERW are located but also, and maybe most importantly, it allows identifying of the areas where no ERW are present. According to UN data, approximately 80% of all land designated as mined is in fact clear. Therefore the economic and humanitarian value of pinpointing the mine-free areas is of real importance


Avi Buzaglo Yoresh

Avi Buzaglo Yoresh

Founder & Partner

Mr. Buzaglo‐ Yoresh spent over 20 years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He concluded his service as a Lieutenant Colonel and holds a M.Sc. in Geology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Yoresh has used his experience in the IDF working as a military geologist to find ways to detect landmines from a geological and chemical perspective rather than an approach based upon metal detection
Eva Peled

Eva Peled

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Peled served with the Israeli Air Force, where she concluded her service as a Captain, and she holds a BA in Business Management and a LLB from the Interdisciplinary Centre in Israel. Mrs. Peled has considerable business development experience representing international companies worldwide
Yana Sofovich

Yana Sofovich

Business Development

Yana is responsible for creating and managing various business and humanitarian interests for Geomine. She holds a BA in Social Science, a MA in Diplomacy and a MSc in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics. Yana joined the company after gaining considerable experience in International Relations and Business Development positions. Her core motive is trying to do whatever possible in order to change the world into a better place
Dr. Uri Frieslander

Dr. Uri Frieslander

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Uri Frieslander spent more than 35 years as a senior Geophysicist in the Geophysical Institute of Israel (G.I.I) with 12 of them as CEO.
Uri holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
He gained impressive experience managing international and domestic geophysical projects. As Geomine’s COO, Uri’s vision involves looking into new opportunities in the subsurface world


Ministry of Defense
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University
Geological Survey of Israel
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
The Geophysical Institute of Israel
The Remote Sensing and G.I.S. Laboratories