Across the globe, there is an urgent and acute need to identify subsurface objects and structures, often as a result of conflict that leaves buried ordnance (ERW – Explosive Remnants of War). Accurate subsurface mapping and object identification is a challenging science but Geomine’s team of experts in geology, physics, chemistry and information technology have developed a range of solutions that can be adapted for a variety of terrains.

Geomine’s technology can identify the structure and characteristic of the subsurface and falls into three categories: Hyperspectral, Seismic and Magnetic.

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Daily Mail - May 17, 2016
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Geomine’s revolutionary technology helps to radically reduce landmine contamination around the world

International surveys estimate that approximately 80% of all land suspected as mined is in fact clear of landmines so the challenge is to effectively and accurately map the surface to identify the remaining 20% to reduce and focus the landmine clearing effort


Quickly and effectively eliminating up to 80% of the land from the target area to be cleared has immediate and significant economic impact and humanitarian value

The unique advantage of this technology is the proprietary algorithms which allow for the analysis of massive amounts of data focusing on the identification of areas which are clear of landmines


Geomine’s technology can either confirm the presence of landmines or their absence, thereby serving to release land which may otherwise have been planned for clearing

Geomine’s solution is based on the premise that nitrogen is a core component in all explosive materials. When buried in the ground, the explosives will eventually leak nitrogen molecules which are then absorbed into the surrounding soil and vegetation. This nitrogen contamination is not visible to the human eye however the use of a hyperspectral camera with advanced analysis algorithm allows for the identification of areas where landmines are present and areas clear of them



By leveraging seismic technology, Geomine creates images of the subsurface which allows underground structures such as tunnels, bunkers and other cavities to be identified

This technology has both civilian and military applications but both are typically focused on mitigating risks for those on the surface


Seismic sampling, combined with Geomine's proprietry algorithms for analysis and mapping allows a unique interpretation of entire subsurface images


Seismic technology relates to the controlled generation of elastic waves by a seismic source in order to map the subsurface structure

The seismic reflection technique involves generating seismic waves and measuring the time taken for the waves to travel from the source, reflect off an underground target and then travel back to an array of receivers on the surface



The magnetic map allows a visualization of the geological structure of the upper section of the subsurface

Since landmines, unexploded ordnance and explosive remnants of war almost always contain magnetic material or steel, these properties can be identified by sensors on the surface. Depending on the terrain, geology of the subsurface and nature of the expected outcomes, magnetic sensing is often combined with other complementary technologies to provide a complete subsurface map of buried objects


The use of magnetic sensing along with hyperspectral sensing can reduce false negative results (errors) up to 0.1%

By combining Geomine solutions, it is possible to use hyperspectral sensing to first eliminate large expanses of land by assessing them as clear of landmines and then using magnetic solutions to focus on and identify the buried objects in the remaining area


Magnetometer surveys find underground objects such as landmines or other unexploded ordnance by detecting the magnetic anomalies they produce

Magnetic geophysical surveys measure small, localized variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. Magnetic anomalies are produced by objects which contain magnetic minerals an by buried steel objects


Avi Buzaglo Yoresh

Founder & Partner

Mr. Buzaglo‐ Yoresh holds an M.Sc in Geology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and spent over 20 years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) completing his service with rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Yoresh has used his experience in the IDF working as a military geologist to find ways to detect landmines from a geological and chemical perspective rather than an approach based upon metal detection

Eva Peled

Eva Peled

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Peled served with the Israeli Air Force completing her service with the rank of Captain, and she holds a BA in Business Management and an LLB from the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. Mrs. Peled has extensive business development experience representing international companies worldwide

Dr. Uri Frieslander

Dr. Uri Frieslander

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Uri Frieslander holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has spent more than 35 years as a senior Geophysicist in the Geophysical Institute of Israel (G.I.I) with 12 of them as its CEO.
Having gained extensive experience managing geophysical projects around the globe. Uri now drives Geomine vision as it develops new solutions in the realm of subsurface analysis

Yana Sofovich

Yana Sofovich

Business Development

Yana is responsible for creating and managing business opportunities for Geomine and in focusing Geomine on humanitarian projects. She holds a BA in Social Science, an MA in Diplomacy and an MSc in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics. Yana has gained extensive experience in International Relations and Business Development positions and is driven by a determination to leverage Geomine solutions to help make the world a safer place


Clients & Collaborations

Ministry of Defense
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University
Geological Survey of Israel
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
The Geophysical Institute of Israel
The Remote Sensing and G.I.S. Laboratories
Elbit Systems
Israel Aerospace Industries