Sure, robots might kill us. They also could rescue us from land mines, natural ...

The Guardian - May 27, 2015
Thanks to a collaboration between Villanova University and the Golden West Humanitarian Foundation, landmine-pocked Cambodia may be able to...

'Hero' Rats Sniff Out Tuberculosis and Landmines in Africa

TakePart - May 27, 2015
The other half of APOPO's work is mentioned in its name, a Dutch acronym meaning Anti-Personnel Land Mines Detection Product Development. Similar...

Al Shabab Ambush, Landmines Kill 25 Cops in Kenya - May 26, 2015
Turkey appears poised to elect its first openly gay member of parliament in next month's elections, despite a rising tide of social...


Over 9000 Several Landmines Disabled in Bié - May 27, 2015
Cuito — At least 9, 790 various landmines were deactivated in the central Bie province by demining operators carrying out work in this region for...

Hungary uncovers potential landmines in 2016 budget bill - May 27, 2015
By cancelling free fiscal reserves Hungary's budget deficit can reach 2.2% of GDP, against the cabinet's official target for a 2.0% gap, the...

Boko Haram Surrounds Havens With Land Mines

Voice of America - May 24, 2015
Chad and Cameroon say huge numbers of land mines planted by Boko Haram fighters along Cameroon's border with Nigeria are a danger to people,...

Landmine victims, survivors attract President Lungu's courtesy

Zambia Daily Mail - May 27, 2015
Some can vividly recall certain scenes from the 1980s action movie titled 'Tour of Duty' depicting the America-Vietnam war where soldiers...

African HeroRats detect landmines and tuberculosis

ABC Online - May 20, 2015
Working as a development engineer in Africa, Bart Weetjens hoped to come up with an alternative way to detect landmines. His eventual solution was as...

Life in a Colombia village threatened by landmines

BBC News - May 08, 2015
Colombia's government and left-wing Farc rebels recently agreed to clear the country of landmines as part of the ongoing peace talks. But the job...

Chimps losing lives and limbs to the 'landmines of the forest'

The Guardian - May 22, 2015
“Like landmines, snares do not discriminate, are virtually undetectable, and can cause irreversible permanent physical damage within a split...

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Geomine’s revolutionary technology has been invented to radically reduce landmine contamination around the world

The tremendous advantage of this unique technology is the fact that the invented algorithm analyses massive amounts of data and identifies the areas which are CLEAR of mines. Geomine’s method allows for a quick and highly effective means of ELIMINATING THE CLEAR OF MINES AREA


According to international surveys approximately 80% of all land suspected as mined is in fact clear

Nitrogen is a core component in every explosive material. Eventually, the molecule leaks from the explosive and is then absorbed into the surrounding ground and vegetation. This process causes nitrogen contamination of the ground and vegetation, not visible to the human eye. However, the use of a Hyperspectral camera allows us to identify the areas where land mines are present and which areas are completely free


Geomine’s technology can either confirm the presence of mines or their absence, thereby serving to release land which does not need to be cleared in the first place

Geomine’s solution allows not only pinpointing of the areas where the ERW are located but also, and maybe most importantly, it allows identifying of the areas where no ERW are present. According to UN data, approximately 80% of all land designated as mined is in fact clear. Therefore the economic and humanitarian value of pinpointing the mine-free areas is of real importance


Avi Buzaglo Yoresh

Avi Buzaglo Yoresh

Founder and CEO

Mr. Buzaglo‐ Yoresh spent over 20 years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He concluded his service as a Lieutenant Colonel and holds a M.Sc. in Geology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Yoresh has used his experience in the IDF working as a military geologist to find ways to detect landmines from a geological and chemical perspective rather than an approach based upon metal detection
Eva Peled

Eva Peled

VP & Member of the Board

Mrs. Peled served with the Israeli Air Force, where she concluded her service as a Captain, and she holds a BA in Business Management and a LLB from the Interdisciplinary Centre in Israel. Mrs. Peled has considerable business development experience representing international companies worldwide
Yana Sofovich

Yana Sofovich

Business Development

Yana is responsible for creating and managing various business and humanitarian interests for Geomine. She holds a BA in Social Science, a MA in Diplomacy and a MSc in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics. Yana joined the company after gaining considerable experience in International Relations and Business Development positions. Her core motive is trying to do whatever possible in order to change the world into a better place
Ronen Rabinovich

Ronen Rabinovich

Chief Technology Officer

Ronen has a Masters Degree in Applied Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and an Undergraduate Degree in Physics and Mathematics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He joined Geomine after gaining 15 years experience in R&D, system engineering and management, and initiating and deploying novel projects in the field. As Geomine's CTO, he is able to apply these skills to the company's unique and multidisciplinary technological projects


Ministry of Defense
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University
Geological Survey of Israel
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
The Geophysical Institute of Israel
The Remote Sensing and G.I.S. Laboratories